Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well for this week I’m in Tuxtla for today until Wednesday... we are here for a conference and I’m super exited! I’ll be visiting a family that I baptized in my area Paraiso! And tomorrow for my birthday we’re going to Applebee’s...I think so hahahaha! And were gonna go to the temple(: woo! Best birthday ever! And this next Saturday we’re having the baptism for Bryan and another girl named Lupita! Wow! The work is going forward(: Ohhh! and I saw Elder Contreras in Tuxtla!!! Wow I was so happy to see him(: haha well thanks for everything (: I love you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: love Elder Portlock

The house of prayer in PIJIJIAPAN(: I did intercambios with them (:

This is a cool tree

I saw my good old companion in Tuxtla today(: Elder Contreras

This is brother Jared and now Elder Zuñiga! He has been a really good friend of mine(:I first met him in my first area and he taught me a lot of Spanish and now he's on his mission(:

This is Bryan! his awesome! He is gonna be baptized this Saturday! wow! He is amazing! And such a great friend(:

This is the pumkin that we ate for Halloween(: oh ya! its SUPER GOOD! its called pumpkin candy!

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