Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Well this week was such an amazing week! On Tuesday I got my new companion, His name is Elder Feliz and is from the Dominican Republic. He has about 9 months on the mission and we are getting along (: on Wednesday  we traveled to Comitan to watch a missionary broadcast! It was amazing and I learned a lot of new things about teaching! And then we returned to Comalapa , but on Thursday night we traveled again back to Comitan and stayed the night with the zone leaders then at 4 in the morning we traveled to San Cristobel to have our multi zone meeting, and Elder Toris of the seventy was there and he gave a really nice lesson about working with members! I learned tons of things! Then we spent all day after that traveling back to our area with was a good solid 7 hours! hahahaha It was so fun! On Saturday we traveled to a small village called Bella Vista about 1 hour and a half into the mountains! And wow it was one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen in my life! We were able to visit a member that lives there and she took us to visit and teach her friends, we had such a nice visit there. Then to return home we had to sit on the back of pick-up trucks and on the way there was a family that got on but there wasn’t enough space so I gave the spot where I was sitting to the mom and her little girl and I stood on the bumper on the back of the truck and held onto the railings! Wow it was amazing and probably the only time I’ll do that! :D then on Sunday we gave talks (like normal) and finished the week hard! We were able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost in the week! Wow I love this work! Have such a wonderful week! Love you lots! Elder Portlock

Un Poco de Comitan

traveling to Bella Vista

Traveling in the pick-up trucks

Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Whoooo!  These are investigators that I was teaching and they finally go baptized!!! The two girls and Rodrigo!

Church in Comitan

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18, 2015

Well this week was very great! Unfortunately Luis has not been baptized yet, but we’re still working with him. On the bright side, a new family that are converts from my ex companion elder Gonzalez that are going to be completing a year as members, they took their daughter who passed away a few months ago to the temple to get her baptized!!!! Wow they got permission straight from Pres. Monson to be able to do the ordinance, so they are super happy.  And this Sunday they gave their testimonies and I started to cry because the sprit was so strong! Wow! I love this area(: also this week Elder Ramos was sick and had to stay in the house for 3 days but now he is fine and we’ve been working hard
OH! And we have special changes. NOOOOO haha They’re taking elder Ramos away from me and putting him in Tuxtla, I guess there were problems with other missionaries in Tuxtla and they have to change, so my new companion is Elder Feliz.  I’m excited to start to work with him but sad at the same time that Elder Ramos is leaving...I only got a little bit of time with him:/ Well I love you so much mom! Have a wonderful week, I will be praying for you all (: Love Elder Portlock

Coconut water

The girl that is standing got baptized about half a year ago in Tonala, I interviewed her for baptism when I got there and attended her baptism.  She has family here in Comalapa, and we went to eat with the family.  When I saw her and she saw me and we got all excited that we're both in Comalapa.

Wow!  Look at the size of this ant!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11, 2016

   This week I will start off with the teaching of Howard W. Hunter! This year in church we will be learning from him. The 2 main teachings of his life are. 1) Live each day to the teaching of Christ and become for like him. The second is being a temple attending member! These two are super important for our happiness (: This week Nancy got baptized, and it was a wonderful service (: Luis should be getting baptized the next week, we are still working with him (: this week we also had interviews with President George, I love my President a ton! He has taught me many valuable things! He is literally like my grandpa hahahaha! Elder Ramos got a little bit sick, so we’ve had to stay in the house a little bit, but he’s getting better. That’s about it for this week (: I love you all so much have a good week (: Elder Portlock

There's mangoes in the trees


We were able to visit K. H. G..  We are supporting and loving this family!  This Saturday they will be taking her name to the temple to be baptized.

The baptism

Hello?  We are the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Well this week I can say was a good week, Nancy should be getting baptized this Saturday, so fingers crossed, Luis has had some hard times and will be waiting a little bit. This Sunday we brought a lot of less active member to church! Wow I felt like I brought a ton of investigators to church ha-ha, we teach the gospel principles class here and we started with the first chapter, it actually turned out very well! We have a really cool bridge here in Comalapa, I’ll be sending pictures, but it reminds me of the Indiana Jones bridge ha-ha, OH! And happy new years! Year of 2016, I’ll be seeing you all this year! Wow! I can’t believe that I’ll be home in 5 months, that just sounds too weird...... ha-ha but that’s about all that really happened this week(: I love you all(: love Elder Portlock


mi distrito

The cool "Indiana Jones" bridge

Ha-ha our water

I'm a Nacho Libre Fighter!

Motocintla, es parte de me area

Feliz ano nuevo!