Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27,
My beloved family and friends, this week in Tonalá has been very HOT! wow! I don't even know exactly how hot it is but we pretty much NEVER stop sweating!!!! And in the night I sleep in my hammock without sheets, and a fan on my back!!! It's awesome(: Today we went to  a place called the old church ( Iglesia viaje) its a historical site, with tons of pyramids! it was incredible to see!!!!!! ( and yes Melissa I have your rocks :D ) I'm never gonna forget what I experienced.  Well I officially have 13 months in the mission! It's kinda weird to think! I'm starting to climb down the ladder and I don't like that!!! We have 4 investigators that are progressing, and we hope to have more success(: I love the work here! And my compañions are great! We work good in a threesom(: I love you all have  a great day!!!(: Elder Portlock


lifting the rock

Ah, Tonala, and you can see the Dead Sea.

going to Iglesia Vieja

I ate it!  It was really yummy!  After I ate it they told me that it is snails.......

Going to Paredon with the Branch President


Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Wow! I'm so happy to hear that Melissa had her wedding reception and that Orson was able to go on trek! wow! So many things are going on and I'm missing out on it! haha just kidding.  I'm living the dream here(; hahaha here in Tonala has been great! There's tons of work to be done and we have many investigators, but for the moment none are progressing, but I will give more information. This week they sent a missionary to work with us in a trio. It's been really fun! It makes me remember the times with Elder Gonzales and Elder Lemus!  My new companion is named Elder Contreras. He is from The state of Monteray in Mexico and he is awesome!!! He has one year in the mission! And he is 25 yeas old! He has 3 years as a member of the church and his testimony is super strong! He was Catholic before and was studying to be a leader in his church! But he has been converted and he knows a ton of stuff! He has been teaching us tons of things about the Catholic church! This week as well we went to the coast! Its called Paredon! It touches the Dead Sea, if you look at the map in Tonala, under it there's a huge lake called Dead Sea that also touches the ocean, well that's where part of my area is. It's so weird to see the sea and teach the people down there! Well that's pretty much my week here in Tonalá! I love you all so much and have a great week(:


The dog that was dead, well in one week it looks like this

The district


Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

This week on Tuesday was the transfers! We woke up early morning to head to the bus station to help all the missionaries with there baggage and stuff haha and then I got on my bus to head to Tonala! My old companion Elder De Jesus also sat next to me as we traveled! I was so happy to see him! He will be going to Tapachula. It was hard to say good bye to Elder Gamboa as well! But I have my new companion named Elder Lainez, he is from Honduras and is 20 years old. He has 4 months in the mission and we have been working hard this week(: being District leader has been great because I have more time to work and focus in my area.(: when I got to my new area it was way hot and humid! I have been sweating a ton! and its true!!!! after you take a shower you began to sweat more haha!  There are tons of iguanas here and they are big! One of these days I will eat one(: I'm officially sleeping in my hammock and its been awesome! On Saturday morning we were serving by cutting down trees with machetes!!!! I felt like I was in the movie the other side of heaven because this area looks like Tonga haha! and after we found of few coconuts that have fallen and we opened them up to drink water! It's amazing! On Sunday we assisted church! wow! Its so different then a ward! we are serving in a branch and there aren't a lot of members, well there is lots of work to be done! I love you all family and friends and I hope everything is doing well at home(: have a great week(: Elder Portlock, Cuidate voz!

The new house

It's called frapozol!  It's really yummy.

Saying goodbye to Tuxtla

Saying goodbye.


Elder De Jesus!

Hello, Tonala.




Elder Lainez

The new house

The new house

Whoooo!  I'm using my hammock!

Dirt roads everywhere


Together we will make a new history in Tonala.

My new district

a dead pig??? dog???

More dirt roads

a well


Getting ready to cut wood and coconuts

Cutting and drinking coconuts

 A bees nest