Monday, July 6, 2015

July 5, 2015

Wow Dear Mommy, Family and friends: This week has been such a great week! Wow, where to begin, first the 4th of July was lame... we honestly didn't do anything great, just work hahaha but that's fine because work is great(:  Here this week has been good! I will first start with the changes! I will leave Paraiso in Tuxtla and I will be going to the area Tonalá  and I will be District Leader! I'm super exited and can't wait to go. I will give more info the next week.  If you want you can look it up in google earth.  They told me that is a small city on the coast. wow! This week I ate pigs feet! wow! It actually tasted good but the thought of it was horrible! It was like eating rubber!!! haha and a cool experience that I had this week. We have a investigator that is 60 or 70 years old. He is super nice and we sing songs with him! He is a very intelligent man that likes to talk a ton! We have been visiting him for almost 2 weeks.  He is Catholic and he said that he doesn't know any other religion. But he believes in God and Jesus Christ and his whole life he has been trying to be a good person! Well anyway we visited him on Saturday night and sang songs with him, he also plays the guitar, he has a wife that is sick of cancer that was in her rocking chair next to us listening and enjoying the visit. The old man told us that his son lives in Arizona and is also Mormon.  But  he doesn't know anything about Mormons. His son told him that if he ever has the chance to talk to missionaries that he can ask us whatever he wants, he is very curious! He also told us that he really is grateful that we could be there.  As we finished, his wife fell asleep in her chair and we left to go home.  The next day around the same time 8 in the night we passed by to visit them.  His daughter was leaving and about to get into her car when I asked her how she is doing she said not so good, "My mom passed away last night," she said "come with me, my dad really needs you two at this time, he was asking for you two."  We got into her car and she took us to the funeral home. When we arrived we saw the man and I gave him a big hug for about 5 seconds and told him that I love him! Elder Gamboa did the same. We sat down and talked to him. He expressed his gratitude for us and said after we left he went to check on his wife when he found that she passed away in her sleep. He told us that he was grateful that she passed away listing to us singing hymns. He felt very grateful that night and full of love.  We taught him about the plan of salvation and he said that whatever thing we say he believes and feels that it is true because he has felt our love so great! We cried with him and left.  As we were leaving, his daughter and son said thank you because he needed us.  They told us to never stop visiting him! We returned home and finished the day! wow. I feel that God sent us to his home to make friends with him and also God guided us to the house at the perfect time when his daughter left the house so that we could visit the man.  I'm gonna miss the man... I will be leaving Tuxtla but I will always remember the old man.        Well that's about what we did this week. I love you all and I hope that this week will be a great week for you all(: Love Elder Portlock

A cool parade

pigs feet.....

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