Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

                This week was an amazing week! and yes, Viki and Edger got baptized this week, Elder Gamboa baptized Viki and I baptized Edger! It truly has  been a miracle from God to baptize Edger. He is great and has lots of potential. This week I completed one year in the mission! I feel great but the same, a little sad that I hit the half way mark and I'm just gonna start finishing my mission! bllaaa! haha, but also exited that soon I will be with my family(: this week we have also been traveling to Berriozavbal and Ocosocuatla a few times to help the other missionaries in the zone, we have been doing a lot of training with them(: I love seeing the other parts of Chiapas, I have one year  of being in Tuxtla(: I'm sure that the next week I'll be telling all of you where my next area will be! 
OH! and there is a missionary named Elder Lyons that returned home because of medical problems but is serving right now in West Jordan, mabey you can find him and say hi to him and he could also tell stories of tuxtla(: and of me(: talk care for now(: I love you all!

Edger's baptism

Viki's baptism

hahaha Elder Gamboa
Viki's baptism


Visiting the other elders

Temple in Berriozabal

The governor's house

Edger's baptism

Visiting the other elders


The cross of Tuxtla
Ya I ate that

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