Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Wow! Well this week has been a good week.haha Forgive me but every week I get to the computers and begin to write, my problem is that as I start to write I forget what happens. But I will do my best(: This Wednesday we had inter changes with Cintalapa for a day. Elder Gamboa went to Cintalapa and Elder Mota came and worked with me. The day was awesome and we worked very hard and taught tons of lessons. I also have been reading a lot about John the Baptist and other prophets of the old times. They all declare repentance and invite people to repent. So I've started to put it in practice and I've been inviting almost everyone to repent. I have been doing it by the spirit but in a good way. And it has built my testimony as a missionary. Also this Sunday during church someone showed up and started to talk to us, apparently he was a investigator about one year ago and was about to get baptized but moved to another state. He told us that he is back and wants to get baptized! haha Wow, so we told him that we need to see him every day to teach him a few things, have his interview and on Saturday we will have his baptism. Also Sister Viki told us that she is ready to be baptized! So we are really exited and will be helping her this week. Her baptism will be this Friday(: Yes things are doing well here in Tuxtla. I'm about ready to leave Tuxtla but I don't know where hahaha.I Love you all! have a great week(: Elder Portlock

With Elder Mota for the day

My friend Antony got his mission call!

Visiting my old ward

An investigator gave us lemons...We're making lots of lemonade and giving a lot to the members.

The district in Cintalapa

Wow!  It's coming!

Eating a birthday cake for one of the sisters
What a great day!

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