Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

We're in the rainy season and it rains every day! But not very long! It pours like crazy for about 30 minutes and then it just stops, the roads turn into rivers for a bit haha, but there's always clouds so I've been happy because the sun doesn't show a lot haha(: also its been a bit cool, haha well Tuxtla cool.  We still sweat like crazy and its more humid because of the rain.(: This week we we were gonna have the baptism of Estrella, but it didn't go though, she couldn't attend so we will try again the next week. Other news is that sister Viki, the mom of Emmanuel wants to get baptized. She is amazing and her testimony is getting stronger and stronger. Also the dad! He is progressing and wants to stop drinking and change his life.  Yesterday he was expressing his love for us. Emmanuel will be attending the temple again this Tuesday! He has been really exited about being a new member and is great! Uvenso and Maria have been very happy! They have been serving in the church and the people a lot! And they always give us pozol to drink(: I hope everyone is doing well at home; I love you all(: Elder Portlock

We went to the temple.  Her name is Sister Lety, she went through for her first time.



We're gonna make bread!

The one's dedicated to my dad!
This was the BEST hamburger that I have ever eaten!

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