Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

Well in this week we have had a pretty nice time trying to find new investigators. We are still in the process. We have had a Stake Conference with President George and also President Benjamin De Hoyos, the president of the church here in Mexico. It was a great conference.  They talked a lot about the importance of members helping in the mission work and also about the faith. I truly enjoyed the talks. I have a few scriptures they used but I can’t remember them.  They are all written in a book back at my house that I had forgotten at the house. Then something quite different happened after the conference. On Sunday President George called us and offered to take my companion Elder Stewart and I here to Tuxtla, to try to save a little money on traveling, so we had quite a fine time to talk together for 6 hours in the car (:  President George is a very honorable man and I am very grateful for all of his inspiration for us here in the mission. We are now in Tuxtla and we will be here for my last zone leader conference and then we will be traveling back to Tapachula on Wednesday. Well we will be visiting a few of my old members and converts in Las Agulas today so I will be looking forward to that. And then tomorrow. Oh! And also this week and the next week we have Elder and Sister YaƱez living with us, they are using these weeks to check all the houses in Tapachula, its super fun to have them over!!! Sometimes they make us food (: they made flour tortillas the other day and it reminded me of my mom’s tortillas (: yummm! 
Well I’ll see everyone home in a week and a half!!! Love ya all so much!

 Elder Portlock

These are the baptisms in Comalapa.  Wow!  They were my investigators, and they are now baptized.  It makes me super happy.

My watch tan line

My stuff got a bit wet.  haha

Here's a bit of Mexican money if you wanted to see.


We made dinner with the Matrimonio Yanez

My study table.

Our friend Dariel

This is from when Elder Oaks came.