Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Family and Friends. Thank you so much for every thing. I always love to get on the computer every Monday to write you.  I love you so much. Its amazing to know that one year has almost passed by! on the 6th of June, I marked my one year of receiving my temple gift. Also I found out that I end my mission on June 6 of 2016. So I officially have one year left! haha I will keep you all updated on the exact date for when I end the mission, you never know it could always change. Also I would like to actually serve for 2 full years hahaha. Other things, Orson... stop growing!!! Melissa, your new puppy looks really cute, congratulations(: Emily, write me or something,haha I miss you. Heber, have you learned any new ninja flips?, have you started running? whats new with you?. This week here in the mission has been a great week. The family that we are teaching are doing great! We are taking them to the temple this Tuesday so they can see it, we will be having a lesson inside the  first visitors room.  We are teaching a little girl named Star (Estrella) She has 9 years and always attends church with her nanny. She will be getting baptized this Saturday and we are really exited for it. Also this past Saturday I returned to my first area in Agulas to attend the baptism of Amparo! Wow!  I was SO exited and happy to know that the family are all officially members and in one year they will all be able to be sealed together in the temple(: they were also very happy for the baptizm and also very surprised and happy to see me. WOW! I love the memories and family that I am making here(: I'm still here in Tuxtla in my second area haha, I'm very anxious to serve outside of Tuxtla and be able to see and experience more.(: we are the zone leaders and we are working hard.(: the weather has been fairly well, very hot and humid as usual but I have adapted to the heat and I'm chiapaneco(: haha but the nights have been fairly cool, I still only have to sleep with no covers and with a fan on my face every night! haha. I also love it because its like summer all year haha and we eat lots of ice cream!!! and lots of lemonade haha! And the fruit is amazing! I'm really gonna miss it! Well  Family and friends I love you all have a great week. Con Amor(: Elder Portlock

I got them to sing for us.  Gratis porque soy gringo haha!

The baptism of Amparo


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