Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Well this week was such an amazing week! On Tuesday I got my new companion, His name is Elder Feliz and is from the Dominican Republic. He has about 9 months on the mission and we are getting along (: on Wednesday  we traveled to Comitan to watch a missionary broadcast! It was amazing and I learned a lot of new things about teaching! And then we returned to Comalapa , but on Thursday night we traveled again back to Comitan and stayed the night with the zone leaders then at 4 in the morning we traveled to San Cristobel to have our multi zone meeting, and Elder Toris of the seventy was there and he gave a really nice lesson about working with members! I learned tons of things! Then we spent all day after that traveling back to our area with was a good solid 7 hours! hahahaha It was so fun! On Saturday we traveled to a small village called Bella Vista about 1 hour and a half into the mountains! And wow it was one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen in my life! We were able to visit a member that lives there and she took us to visit and teach her friends, we had such a nice visit there. Then to return home we had to sit on the back of pick-up trucks and on the way there was a family that got on but there wasn’t enough space so I gave the spot where I was sitting to the mom and her little girl and I stood on the bumper on the back of the truck and held onto the railings! Wow it was amazing and probably the only time I’ll do that! :D then on Sunday we gave talks (like normal) and finished the week hard! We were able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost in the week! Wow I love this work! Have such a wonderful week! Love you lots! Elder Portlock

Un Poco de Comitan

traveling to Bella Vista

Traveling in the pick-up trucks

Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Whoooo!  These are investigators that I was teaching and they finally go baptized!!! The two girls and Rodrigo!

Church in Comitan

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