Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

    Well in this week Brian has been doing awesome!!! He did visits with us and I love to hear him testify and invite others(: I think that the next week he will receive the priesthood(: We were working super hard this week and had tons of investigators ready to go to church! Like we had about 9 investigators for sure that were gonna go! But only 4 showed up... I guess that’s still really awesome! (: But Felicita didn’t go and she has her baptism the next week, but now were gonna postpone it for another week. But that’s all fine, were still happy and going forward with faith. oh! haha I love being here in Mexico! Weird things just ....happen... hahaha We were walking down the road and we saw someone peeing in the middle of the road and we walked past him and he just stared at us like nothing was happening hahaha! Other! We went to go see a less active member and here in Mexico you either knock with a pen or something really light or and you just shout and say good day. Well in this moment we were shouting saying heyyy the mormonada!!! And she said WHAT???? And we shouted back, los gringos! los guerros! ( the white people !!!!) And she said WHAT??? (But usually she knows it’s us) Well she opened the door and it wasn’t her.... we felt so embarrassed! ahahaha ok, that wasn’t that funny..... hahahah but the scripture of the week is Mosiah 28:3(: 
Have a good week(: love ELDER PORTLOCK

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