Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Well this week was great! We had about 7 investigators in the sacrament meeting. The work is progressing forward(: OH! and we had a few spiritual moments. Well I think it was Saturday the last week we were walking down the road and an investigator (who is the brother in law of my convert named Sandra,) he said ´´Elders! come into my house! Sandra’s brother is sick!´´ So we passed in and talked to her brother for a bit. He has cancer in his stomach from drinking all his life so we decided to give him a blessing. The next day well...on Tuesday this week we found out that he passed away on Sunday. and Sandra said that she heard that we gave him a blessing. She was super calmed to hear that her brother died in peace with a blessing. ..Also this week my converts Karla and Brian have been accompanying us and teaching some people! It’s amazing to see and it makes me feel super happy inside and it talks about Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-16...  Other miracle this week:  Well we were walking down the road heading over to a members house to eat dinner and usually we always walk down the same road.  And we decided to walk down a different road. And in the distance we could see sister Gabi! And so we ran up to there and she was all excited to see us(: and then she started to talking to someone and she invited us in to give a short spiritual thought and a prayer. And it turns out that her daughter got baptized about one year ago and the mom couldn’t get baptized because she wasn’t married to her boyfriend. But the sad thing is that he died... and she wants to return to church again. So we started visiting them and they came to church this Sunday!!! whoo! And Friday we ate more clams hahaha.  It’s ....awesome! (: on Saturday we helped set up the Christmas tree for a member (: it made me think of home (: and ya that was my week (: I’m also REALLY enjoying our air conditioning that we put in the house :D well l love you all(: LOVE ELDER PORTLOCK

This was a weird tree.

Railroad tracks

The Christmas Tree

Divisions with the Young Men

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