Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well for this week on Monday we were walking down the road at night when a drunk man starting to talk to us, we usually don’t talk much with them because they never remember us.. hahaha but we said good night and he shouted! I’m Fransico!!! And I remembered that it was an old investigator! So we went back to talk to him! And he said that he has been waiting for us! So we said that we would pass by, he also had a cigarette in his hand and Elder Fackrell said Fransico you need to STOP smoking!!! And he said I know I know tonight is the last night and Elder Fackrell said NO! RIGHT NOW!!! hahaha and Fransico took the cigarette and through it on the road and stomped on it! We shouted for joy with him and gave him a big hug and he looked up at the sky and shouted “God lives!!!!” Wow we walked about thinking that it was such a great story to put in the journal hahaha!  On Tuesday we got a call from a member and asked us if we could give a blessing to someone in the hospital, so that was a neat experience. On Thanksgiving we bought pizza and shared what we were grateful for. But here in Mexico NOBODY knows what thanksgiving is hahaha so we were teaching everybody what it is. I got the Mayan Tree of Life which is in Tapachula engraved on my bag! It looks awesome!!! We also had a movie night with the branch and watched “The Other Side Of Heaven”  (: and ya, that’s pretty much my week haha(: I love ya so much! Elder Portlock

My zone

a little bit of Tonala

A meat market place

Who wants cow... YO!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


A little bit of Mexican culture

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