Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Wow Dear Mom, the family and friends (:
    This week was an amazing week! Wow! Well Lunes after I wrote home we went to an old family that Elder Gamboa and I baptized,  it was awesome to see them and they gave me a birthday cake(: after we visited some old families from Elder Fackrell’s old area here in Tuxtla. And in the offices we stayed with all the other zone leaders(: in the morning of my birthday we went to the church for our conference of all the zone leaders, wow we learned a ton of stuff about leadership! And then they all sang to me while I danced hahaha.  It was awesome!  After the conference we went to the temple(: after the temple we went out to eat at Chiles and during that I guess Elder Fackrell told the people that it was my birthday and I didn’t even know it, and they just randomly came out of nowhere and started to sing for me and they gave me a little brownie and some ice cream(: then we went back to the offices for another night.  On Wednesday in the morning, Elder Fackrell went to the migration to renew his green card, so I stayed in the offices with my old companion, Elder De Jesus! Then after that we headed home to Tonalà! And wow! I thought that Tuxtla was hot when I got here on the mission! And now visiting Tuxtla it feels cold! hahahahahahha.  I guess Tonalà really is an oven! On Thursday we started to plan for our zone conference, we made them an evaluation card that they can evaluate their lessons with their companion. It was awesome! and on Friday we had the zone conference, haha we did an object lesson and we had a cake, and for the lesson the cake represents the gospel, (it was all planned before) I asked elder Fackrell if he wants a piece of cake, so I started to cut it and then I shoved it in his face, then I asked another elder if he  wanted cake and so I cut out a piece of cake very carefully and put a cherry on top and I gave it to him(: then I asked the missionaries how are we giving the gospel to the people, are we shoving it into their face or are we giving it to them very nicely so they can enjoy it? It was great(: then after we went on interchanges and I went  to Puerta Rista with elder Gomez to help him out with his area, we were able to teach some lessons RIGHT ON THE BEACH! Wow it was amazing!(: in the night we got back home and boom!!!! we had AC! Ya, that’s right we kicked the hot heat butt and put AC in the house(: it’s so amazing(::::: :D on Saturday we had Brian’s and Lupita’s baptism(: Elder Fackrell baptized Brian and I confirmed him a member. And I baptized Lupita and the branch president confirmed her a member(: wow Brian has been an chosen son of god! He has really changed his life(: and Lupita has been waiting for a long time to be baptized so she can progress, her next goal is to enter the temple in one year with her husband(: she gave her testimony and cried and said, “I’m so happy that I got baptized because I want to have my family for all eternity.” (: it was really amazing(: and well that was my week(: for the changes this week Elder Fackrell and I will be staying the same as the zone leaders and ya(: were super exited (: oh! and my son in the mission Elder De Jesus is going to be the next AP woooo! I feel supèr happy(: I you all so mucho! have an amazing week(: P.s Good job Emily on your talk! your awesome! I’ll share it with the people here in Tonalà(:
 Con Amor! Elder Portlock

The Baptisms of Lupita

And Brian


My Birthday!  Eating a smoothie at Comeme

Being with my converts for my birthday cake

Eating at Chili's, for my birthday

I don't know if you can see me...but I'm up really high.....(:

My Birthday cake!


The Zone

Our new zone shirts

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