Monday, September 1, 2014

 Wow!  This week was crazy!

Well to start of with the letter I'm gonna say the scary stuff first! Well on Tuesday we were at our investigator Mauricio (who speaks English and is progressing very well) and he told us about somebody that was found in the bushes near his house. It was in the news paper and he gave us a copy, well just a mile or less from our house a skeleton was found on Sunday, which is very scary! Some places here is very dangerous, which leads so the next scary thing that happened! We were heading to another investigators house, Diana, when we got there we saw her father who is a very good friend of ours and another guy we didn't know. I reached out my hand to say hello and he didn't shake my hand, instead he shook his head and made the catholic cross sign. He said some things that I didn't understand (which I never understand anything anyways haha) but he was holding a long screw driver and holding it in a threatening way, I had no idea what was going on cause it caught me by surprise, Elder Muñoz immediately sat next to him and did some kind of martial arts move and took the screw driver right out of his hands and said, "Tranquilo! Somos misieoneros! ( chill, we are missionariess) the man stood up like he was about to hit us and Elder Muñoz said "Corra!" which meant "run!" We quickly left the area! A few minutes later we stopped, my heart was pounding very hard and I was super scared, the thing that scared me most was that Elder Muñoz was scared and shaking. Wow! I asked him what the guy said and Elder Muñoz said "nos iva a matar" apparently the guy wanted to kill us! Wow we took the screw driver to a member and told them what happened. I'm just happy I'm alive haha! The sad thing is that we can never go back to the house, we had to drop our investigator right there. During the time we were there when the man was about to attack us I felt the power of Satan very strong, the area and the man was under Satan's power, I could feel it and Elder Muñoz agrees. Oh and one more weird thing, the other day we got a ride from a member to an investigator and on the way there, there was this super old lady holding big rocks and was screaming at us while throwing the rocks at us! HAHA it was the weirdest thing I had ever seen! I'm just glad I was in the car and not walking! Some other cool stuff is that it rained while we were outside, it usually rains everyday around 2 for about 10 minutes, but this day it rained and rained all day! and wow! Since the place here is FULL of up and down hills, ALL the streets literally turned into rivers! haha I've never seen so much water in my life! Well we put our bags in a black trash bag and marched our way up the street/river and walked to our investigator, well one night we were just about finishing our day when we needed to make our last 10 contacts for the day, every last contact was catholic and DID not want to hear our message, it was very weird, we made our way home when there was big catholic parties going on in the middle of the street. It seemed like to me that we were the only Mormons in the city! (which of course is not true) but as we were walking I was holding the Book of Mormon, and I turned to Elder Muñoz and bore my testimony about the book and said some people are just not ready to hear our message, I said that we just need to find the people who are ready, the next day we made a visit with a contact for the first time, during it he accepted everything we said and wanted to read the Book of Mormon! Wow the spirit was so strong and he accepted to be baptized the next month! It was a very amazing visit that I won't ever forget, I'm very exited to see him in our next visit. This week we had another baptism, it was another investigator that I didn't really teach much cause I'm new but it was still very exiting! Some other good stuff was I finally talked to Hermana Allen from the blog. She was exited to hear that her mom was posting stuff haha. Well family and friends I love ya lots! And I miss ya lots, there's been lots of sad things here and also some very great things.  Well I'm gonna go for now, and Ill send pics to my mom so she can put them on the blog. Wow there's so much to write and not enough time so unfortunately I don't have time to write everything else, Ill continue to give you all some stuff each week. Love, Elder Portlock

The screw driver that almost killed us!

This is the skeleton that was in the newspaper, found very close to our house.

A weird tree

Our zone

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