Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Well this week, unfortunately I wont be able to write a lot, the internet right now is VERY slow right now! I won't be able so send any pictures this week.  Maybe next week.  Well first off, I love you all so much! and I miss you all a ton haha, Families can be together forever(: Well my day today haha well we ran out of money and are really short of things we do haha, I'm very lucky to be able to be writing right now, haha but a typical day is wake up at 6:30 in the morning work out and take a shower at 7, then, eat if I'm lucky haha and study at 8, we leave the house usually about 12. and just work haha. We arrive at the house at 9p.m., but usually a little later cause were always teaching later.. There are a billion stray dogs in the street EVERYWERE but they don't touch me at all.  I always find weird looking bugs haha, and the ants the ants here are huge! big as a finger nail! What made me very happy this week is that we taught a lesson and for some reason this lesson just went perfect! and we said exactly what they needed to hear, and I invited both of them (brothers around 40 years old or so) to be baptized and they immediately said yes, haha I'm very exited to teach them more because of how receptive they were, but it made me happy because it was such a good lesson and usually I don't teach much because of the language. oh! and there is this guy that elder Muñoz interviewed for baptism because he is the district leader, the hermanas were teaching him, well he is the sweetest guy ever! he has 89 years!  and he is so exited for baptism and he plays the harmonica and is awesome! It lifted my spirit! This week I ate more fish, and I thought I liked fish until I came down here, haha Only my mom knows how to cook fish... haha but I eat it anyways because its the nice thing. well I bought a flash drive and I'm putting all my pictures on it and all of my companions music and movies on it, We listen to EFY, mexican LDS music, and hymns, and some other fun mexican music haha.  I know I need to be patient but the language, it's very hard to communicate with elder Muñoz and its makes me a little frustrated at times, because he doesn't teach me, I teach myself.  Well I'm running out of time, but tell the family I love them , Tell dad good luck on the marathon and I give my saludos. por que yo quiero ustedes mucho! y yo exraño mucho! con amor Elder Hyrum Portlock

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