Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

Well this week Ill think Ill start of by answering the questions my mom asked.
1.The weather report said that there was a hurricane north of where you are.  I am sure that has affected the weather? Well I didn't know there was a Hurricane??? but there was one night that was had the biggest thunder and rain, that was probably the night, wow the rain came down like bullets, but i enjoyed it tons, the houses here don't have closed houses so a bit of rain got in the house and It was super loud and it seemed like the sky never was dark cause of the lighting.
2. did you ever buy a rain jacket? and no i haven't. the missionaries said the best jackets are back at home. But right now i don't need it, Ill only need it in San Cristobal and I'm not there right now, so we'll see how things turn out(:
3.What is it like to go grocery shopping? well its pretty much the same, there's a Walmart here in the center of the city so we get most our food there. other than that pretty much every other house here is a small store where people sell stuff for there job so when we need spaghetti or cereal or other small stuff through out the week were covered. Haha we eat pretty poor here because we don't have a lot of money but that OK, pretty much we eat spaghetti every night and pancakes in the morning haha.
4.What is different there compared to here? well......... i don't think I really say much because EVERYTHING is different. its just ...different haha that's all I can say about this question.
5.What do you miss most from home? I just miss my family, running in the morning with my father, my mothers food, mowing the lawn( OK , I don't know why but I really miss mowing the lawn!) 
6.What do you do for laundry?  Do you do laundry by hand, or do you have machines? Well it really depends, the lady that we live above happens to have a washing machine, but we rarely use it cause we're really limited on water here, so we usually wash out clothes by hand which takes forever and I do not like!
7. Do you ever get to go to the temple? Well i haven't yet.... I think only if our recent converts go through.
8. And dad wants to know if you are going to buy a hammock to sleep on. no, Here in my area the hammocks cost a lot of money, but the missionaries here say that the best  place to buy hammocks are in Oaxaca. so for now no.

             OK now for some other stuff, haha well Our Investigator Alejandro got baptized and confirmed! it was the best part about this week! We had been working with him since I got here and he is awesome! He considers me family and calls me his brother! He is 18 years old and is just an awesome guy! haha after he was baptized he gave me his ring as a present and gratitude. oh! and the best part that really touched me is when he came out of the water he just stood there and paused and looked like he was completely FILLED with happiness! the two of us are definitely gonna write for a long time! haha I've also been teaching him a little bit of English(: oh, also in fast and testimony meeting today I bore my testimony about the importance of testimonies, haha I did way better than I thought even though It wasn't much and the grammar, well I'm not gonna go there haha but after all the members came up to me and said thank you because you brought the spirit into the room. This week I've really been focusing on this one scripture in Mosiah 7:12, pretty much was it says is anything that is good comes from god and anything this isn't good comes from the devil. this has helped me out so much! When I start feeling sad because whenever your sad or don't want to do anything, turn that feeling upside down and be happy because you can, you can make any moment better if you just make it. The Language , well yes its still hard, I've found that I'm getting a bit better at reading but i still can't understand anyone here which is hard, my goal in the mission and my life is to always be happy and always turn a bad moment into a good moment. haha well i don't know what more to say haha but ill write more next week.
Love Elder Portlock
P-Day fun


well that food was yummy and gross at the same time, m serious when i say this, but it seems like they just take the fish and shrimp and crabs and what ever else they put in and cook it whole, That soup had EYE balls floating in it! and fish heads with the eye balls still attached! it was a puzzle trying to eat the food with small little bones every where! haha



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