Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hello freinds and family I love all of you! well I confirmed Mauricio un miembro de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias on Sunday! I was very exited for him, yet I was very nervous! haha I confirmed him in front of the ward and I dont know why but I was shaking a ton haha, Im fine and it happend but it was a learning expeirince and I'll continue to learn each time, and I'll get better at it haha but it was a very special time. He has been going on splits with us and he loves it! He dresses like us too! And I gave him a Liahona and he loves it! He reads it all the time and tells me all about it!  We went running this martes to see the canyon. It's incredible. Mauricio came and it was fun being about to talk more with him as a freind. well Elder Jimenzez got a new companion his name is Elder Schmitlein ( I think thas how you spell it...) but he is from South Dakota and he doesn't speak any Spanish! haha it actually made me feel really happy because it assures me that I actually do know some Spanish and I'm not the newest missionary haha, but he is awsome! He is doing great!  Well I dont have much new stuff to say right now, Mexico is still the same and Im having a great time. Some days I feel like the Spanish isn't progressing at all and some days it does. Im getting better at teaching doctrinally points haha  but when it gets to conversations or understanding what people are saying I'm lost haha, well saludos to you all back at home(:
Love Elder Hyrum Portlock

15 de Septiembre!  Indepedencia

Some art on a building, and (Lets Go White!  haha)  I thought my friend Nata would like this (:

This is some weird fruit, it's kinda like a grape.

Our District :D

Ahhhh Mexico  ( :

The canyon

Mauricio being a missionary!

During a storm at night, I love them

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