Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Well WOW! where to start, There was so much that went on this week I don´t even think Ill get all of it on here, but oh well,
I guess Ill start with the GOOD NEWS! on Friday we were in a lesson with Mauricio and we felt like he was ready for baptism so we pulled out the baptismal Interviews and went through all of them, And he seemed to have such a great testimony it was amazing! He had read ALL the lessons and marked them up, He is already in 3rd Nephi with a colorful Libro De Mormon and he reads other material on gospel library, wow! I haven't seen so much improvement is someone, well during our conversation with him we invited him to be baptized tomorrow on Saturday, he gladly accepted and we made plans for a baptism on Sat. at 2, because it was on such short notice only 4 missionaries were there and the bishop and the elders quorum president, Mauricio was very exited! Well the Best part is that he asked me to baptize him! Well I did just that and it was amazing! My first personal baptism here! WOW Mauricio is definitely the Golden Investigator, He is very happy and keeps texting us saying that he is filled with the spirit always! Its amazing and makes me feel Gods love. The other day we were walking with Mauricio, and the guy who wanted to kill us the other week walked past us, and Mauricio started to tell me that he feels scared for us but also that he knows that we're safe because we have God on our side. WOW haha he impresses me all the time! The next happiest thing this week is that Alejandro received the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday. WOW he has changed the most and you can see it, he just radiates with the light of Christ. Before, he was sad about things and was very nervous about baptism and didn't know a thing about us, now its almost like he understands the church very well and he is always happy! He told me that he really wants to serve a mission now, wow! I am just filled with happiness this week. Also he really considers me Family and calls me his Brother in English(: he said after my mission he wants to visit me and learn language and study at BYU, Well I really hope those plans work out! Well My first camibos this Monday.  Sunday night Elder Muñoz and I were very anxious about the call from the district leader telling us the plans, well the call finally came and we're still companions! WHOOOO! haha I'm very exited! And Elder Muñoz is the new District leader so lots of good news, wow! This is Elder Muñoz last 6 weeks of his mission! I really want to make this last 6 weeks of his mission count and, we're gonna work super hard! The language is still coming very slow but I'm starting to pick up and a few more words so its very exiting for me. 
 Have fun back at home I miss ya tons! Ill write more next week(:
Farewell, Hermana

Food at member's house, annnnd a typical morning desayuno, HOTCAKES  :D

This has probably been the best soup I have EVER eaten.....(besides my mom's (:  )

We had to cross this "rapid river".  We finally found a way where we had to jump for our lives and trip into the green spiky weeds.  haha

We were passing the big Futbol stadium and found the big...face.

I love my companion!

Best Baptism EVER!

I love my companion!

Receiving inspiration on what to do next  (:

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