Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug. 25, 2014

WOW this week has flown by super faast! I feel like like I just typed yesterday. Well some of these things I have to say are the same, some days are really hard and some days are amazing! It is really hard for Elder Muñoz and I to communicate and it gets really stressful at times. I had the opportunity to go on splits with the district leader who is Elder Jimenez and he speaks English so it was so helpful! I was able to ask him questions that I had that Elder Muñoz couldn't answer. I stayed at his house for the night, haha the bed didn't have a frame so I pretty much slept on the floor which was not fun... there were a few ants here and there that would crawl on my sheets and I would feel them at night and it was very annoying! Well I am starting to get used to the bugs here and the houses. I feel so blessed that I have a family at home who has a nice home because it is SO different here. Well with David who said he saw me in a dream is doing good, were still teaching him and he is making good progress. With Nuria who didn't want to come to church is doing better! We talked to her and helped her grow her faith back, she is now confirmed and is coming to church which is such a blessing!  We have many investigators that we are teaching but I'm only putting the ones that are making the best progress. Well with Mauricio, he was a contact that we got who when we went to his house he was super exited that we came, he so many questions and what ever we told him he just got so exited, and the best part! he speaks English! Mauricio is 22 years old and he lives by himself with a little dog who likes my shoe.... a little to much, the dog thinks my shoe is a girl dog...... well anyways Mauricio came to church and we sat with him after he was exited to go to the other classes and after that he just followed us to our other meetings and than to our investigator later that day, he was with us all Sunday which I was able to teach him tons of stuff, we have become really great friends and he told me that he likes to be with us and likes it when we come over to his house because he feels happy when we're there, he says it just feels lighter and he wants that in his life. Well I'v had lots of great times but also hard times, I'm struggling with the language a ton and I cant speak it with is really frustrating. I also wont be able to upload pictures today because the computer I am using doesn't have a slot for memory cards, so next week I'll post pictures.  I'm  glad to hear that things are going good at home, and with the rain haha it rains here too everyday but not for long. Well friends and family I love you all and I miss you a ton! The mission is hard but it is also a learning experience. I'm happy that our lord has given me this opportunity to be here in Mexico with these people who don't have much. Its also really important to count your blessing and always remember that through the atonement of our savior our problems and hard trials can be healed. I´v seen it happen here and I experience it all the time. I love you all and keep me updated.  -Love Elder Portlock

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