Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

I would like to share a bit of what I believe. I believe In God our Heavenly Father. We are his children. Before this earth we all lived together in a world called the spirit world. All of us lived together and loved one another. God our father spoke to us and asked us if we are happy, we all spoke at once in confusion. ¨ I think so?¨but we weren't sure, we didn't even know what happy meant. God said that he has a plan for us, we would all come to earth and obtain a body so that we could progress. He also gave us our free agency to choose right from wrong, left or right. God also said that he would give us a savior, someone who would pay the price for all of our sins and difficulties in life. 2 of our brothers spoke the first one said ¨send me, It is your will¨ the second one said ´´send me, I will make everyone choose the same thing and everyone will return to you. God said I will send the first. With that the first brother became our savior and was called the Christ. The second one got angry and took 1 third of our brothers with him and was thrown out and would not receive bodies, he was called Satan. God said to all of us that we would have difficulties but he knew we would all be able to find our way back to him. Here we are in this life, we are here to learn the principles and covenants that will help us get back to god, this is what the gospel is, a path that we can and need to take. We learn to have faith in things that we may  not see but we believe. We learn our to repent of things that may not have been very good to change us and to have a better knowledge of things. And we make sacred convents or promises with god to help us in this path. Being here on the mission I have had the opportunity to help other people remember and to know our plan here. I have literally seen people change their lives and find a lot of happiness through faith and true repentance. I have been able to see miracles as I speak with the gift of tongues and teach people in a new language. I have been able to find people who were just waiting to here the gospel and accept it the moment we opened up our mouths. I have a testimony of what I'm doing and I know that I was pre ordained to be here and preach the gospel. My invitation for you all is to pray and ask your father in heaven for guidance and what you need to change or do in your life. And then serve your fellow being. We are not here to be served but to serve. I am only 19 years and I'm still young, I am nothing without god, he is my strength  in all things. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

for my mom


We met one of the seventy!

I thought Melissa would like this

A cool short parade
got to work with Elder Lemus for a day.

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