Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015
Hey family and friends, this week has been such a great week! We have a little girl we are teaching named Estrella , she has 9 years and she is exited to get baptized, she goes to church with a friend of her mom, her mom is not a member and doesn't want to talk to us but she said if Estrella wants to get baptized she can, also we have a family of 3, the Basquez family, she has a son on a mission but never wanted to get baptized, she started visiting the missionaries and they started to teach her and her family the lessons, they are awesome and I love them so much! We should be have a baptism in about one month(:also this week we were teaching Uvenzo and Maria De Jesus, we were reading Alma 32 and learning about faith, they loved that chapter and they have so much faith! We were also teaching them about missionary work and that they can help other people and invite them to listen to us, Sister Maria De Jesus told us that she was talking to her neighbor the other day and invited her to listen to us! Her neighbor said that she is a member but inactive, but she would like to talk to us. So right after the lesson we went to visit her. As we started to talk she broke out in tears and said that 3 members of her family died recently and she has also made covenants in the temple and she felt bad that she had been inactive. She told us that a few days ago she had been thinking a lot about the church and  about returning to church and then we showed up! She was very grateful that we showed up and the next day she was at church and cried and she took the sacrament. I feel really blessed to be able  to help people. My testimony has strengthened a lot the 10 months that I have here in Mexico(: I hope every one else is doing well(: I love you  all  Elder Portlock 

Eating smoothies

Eating Pizza

My district

The chili I ate.  It was amazing! 

Ha ha!  This is classic!

Woooo!  The clouds

A weird bug

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