Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Well family and freinds, This week has been such a great week. Well I first want to talk about mothers day! I was so happy to see and talk to my family through skype! I love them all and miss them so much!!! The truth is, I couldnt speak english very well, I kept speaking spanish because It was easier haha, I fet like I couldnt speak very well english hahaha. but I did get to talk spanish with my dad! wow! words can not explain! I felt closer to my dad more then ever and  had tears in my eyes. It is such a wonderful blessing to learn spanish and be able to talk to people. thank you dad. This week we will be getting another missionary that will work with us, we will be in a trio, his name is Elder Garcia, he was working in the altos but I think he had problems with his feets, so he will be working with us for a bit of time, im exited(: our family basques that we are teaching are exited and are learnign very well(: we should be having a bautims in a few weeks(: I love you all so very much! have a great week( Love Elder Portlock

The ruins of Chiapa de Corzo

A Mexican graveyard

The ruins of Chiap de Corzo

Ruins of Chiapa de Corzo

an old abandoned Catholic church

The old church

The colonies of chiapa de corzo

Chiapa de corzo

Chiapa de corzo

Whooooooo!  I reciveda package from my family!

Going to Cintalapa again.  I really like Cintalapa.  It's awesome.  It's one hour away from Tuxtla.

Digging a hole to help

My countdown chart at home

Talking to my family
My zone

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