Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015
Well this week was amazing! haha I always do so many things in the week and I never know what to say, buuuut on monday we got a new companion named elder Garcia. He is awesome and will be zone leader with elder Gamboa and I. BUT the next day the assistants called us and told us that they need Elder Garcia in another area. haha so he left and I was really sad haha but its all fine! We are preparing Emanuel who is 12 years old for baptism this Saturday! He is so exited and is telling everyone at church that he is getting baptized! and we are very happy as well. His brother in on a mission but his parents never wanted to join the church, but the family was a reference of the son ( elder Vasquez) and so we started to teach the family. The father likes what we are teaching but never has a lot of time to hear us, but they have been attending church a lot. The mother also should be getting baptized soon, I don't know why she doesn't want to get baptized this week, but were hoping for the next week(: also! this week on Sunday we had the stake conference! wow! it was a really great conference! also! UVENZO GOT THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD! whooooohoooooo I'm SO happy! words cannot describe! Elder Gamboa and I were in the circle to help. wow! I feel so blessed! I literally changed a family(: also this week it started to rain haha and when it rains here, IT RAINS!!!!!! the streets literally turn into RIVERS! its so crazy but I love it! I love you all, say good and cant wait to write back the next week(: Elder PORTLOCK

Elder Garcia for one day...

Elder Lemus and I have the same bag and wath.  whohoo!

I don't know what these lizards are doing...but the truth is, I think he is eating him or her...

Uvenzo received the Priesthood!

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