Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

       This week was really good we started the week off with interviews with President George. He is amazing and full of love! He knows exactly how you might feel.  He always makes you smile and has the strongest testimony ever! Every time we have interviews with him I feel like I want to do better! He's amazing! Also Sister George made breakfast for us and we ate in the mission home. Maria de Jesus (the wife of Uvenzo ) well we changed her baptism date for April 11. We just need to teach her a little bit more. They are great! Uvenzo has been paying his tithing every week! He has been filled with so much happiness this week! He also received the priesthood this Sunday and is now a priest! I also gave him one of my shirts because he doesn't have one. Elder Gonzalez will give him a tie. Maria de Jesus asked us this week what she needs to do to enter the temple. She is exited and wants to have a family for all eternity! We also should be baptizing two kids this week. Luis Angel and Martha. They are preparing to be baptized on Thursday(: lets see I think that's about all for this week(: Have a wonderful week family and friends, I'll be thinking and praying for you all(:
Some interesting food I ate this week

WHOOO!  I received a package from the young women!!! ya!

The missionary purpose in the language of Tsotzil

This week...I lost my name tag... I feel very sad!  It's the tag that had a picture of my family...but oh well, things happen.

General Conference soon!

Birds that talk!

My new cool mochila.  I thought Melissa would be jealous!  (:

When Elder Oaks came
Teaching Luis and Martha

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