Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week in Mexico: haha, well this week was pretty good. Not a lot of new news. But this week we had more inter changes with  the missionaries. I went  to the pueblo of Berriozabal with elder Dias to work for a day. The pueblo is about 30 minutes outside of Tuxlta. I love being able to see the pueblos, they are a lot smaller than the cities and they also have less things. I spent the night there. And wow I don't know why, but It was FREEZING! I didn't know it would be cold so I didn't bring any sweater or coat! And I froze hahaha. The wind was also very cold! Wow! Also in Berriozabol we got a call from a member who is sick and needs a blessing.  As we arrived at his house I almost broke out in tears to see his house. It reminded me of the house in the old movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It looked very old and it was very small. As we walked in, the floor is only dirt and he lives by himself, he looked really old as well. This man has a a giant cyst from birth in his neck but also was sick with other problems. He could barley talk, I wanted to cry to as I saw his situation. But we gave him a blessing and sung hymns with him and prayed and blessed his house. He wept as we did these things and thanked us. And we left his house and thanked God for the blessings that we have in life. I hope every one at home is grateful for the things we have and for the health that we have. Also in the morning the next day I took a shower with a was very fun actually(: This week here in Tuxtla we had a lesson with a family of 5 that we are teaching and preparing for baptism, (  they are great by the way (: ) during the lesson we were teaching about the importance of families. I told them how great my family is and talked about each member in my family.  I told them my purpose here is to leave my family for 2 years to find this family and help them that they could be together for eternity. The father of the family began to cry for the love I have for my family and for the service I am giving. I hope this family will progress and begin to have family prayers as well.  I hope everything is doing well in Riverton (: I love you all, keep it up and KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!!! Love Elder Portlock

This was Elder Jimenez's last day in the mission!  Man, I love him so much!  He was like my "mother" here in the mission.  He will be studying at BYU in a few months.  I told him to visit my family, can't wait to have a picture with him and my family.

I found some friends from Aguilas!  I was so happy to see them!

Elder De Leon!  He is from Riverton and we graduated the same year.

We are losing missionaries
I don't know what this is...I think it's a school

Elder Diaz en Berriozabal

teaching ourselves

The branch building in Berriozabal


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