Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week was great! We finished the week with the baptism of Uvenzo. He was so exited for it! Elder Gonzalez did the baptism and I confirmed him a member of the church on Sunday. I was very happy and surprised that he had so much support. About 3/4 of the members in the ward (that are active) showed up to his baptism and congratulated him! And welcomed him in. They gave him and his family presents and church books! Wow he has a ton of support!  His wife will be baptized in 2 weeks and Uvenzo will be able to baptize her! Wow I'm so exited! Also in one year they will be preparing to enter the temple and I will still be here and will be able to enter with him! I cant wait haha. He has been the Golden investigator. Since day one he was a contact on the street in front of his house, we invited him to hear a message about Jesus Christ, he accepted and we made a day and a time the next day to teach him. In the first lesson he was very interested but didn't know anything about the church. When we ended I was pretty sure that he recognized us as missionaries of God. The next lesson he wasn't home and we couldn't have any contact with him for one week! Elder Gonzalez and I were very worried because he wasn't gonna show up at church. That Sunday he showed up! AND with members in his car, he brought the member to church! He loved church and assisted every week! Every thing we taught him he accepted(: and he stared to change! Now he is a member and I think he will be bishop in one year! haha he always tells us ´´I will keep that commandment because God commanded it.´´ and he says if God wants me to be baptized that day I will do everything I can!´´ He's amazing(:                       Also this week it has been VERY  HOT! woww! Its also been VERY humid.  I've literally been sweating all week non stop! And in the night its hard to sleep with so much sweat haha. I've really been liking the showers... they're not cold anymore...there just perfect temperature! Also we traveled to Cintalapa again for another interview for baptism woohoo! This week our zone had 5 baptisms. ¡ Que Padre! les amo mucho, que tengan un buen semana! con Amor Elder Portlock. I love you lots, have a good week, with love Elder Portlock

Lehi's Dream!  It's on the birth certificates here in Mexico!

Part of my area

Uvenzo's baptism

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