Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015
Hey Family and friends(: the week that passed in the mission(: haha well this week was long but also really great! We had a TON of forms to fill out for the zone! We spent 7 hours on the computer on Monday filling things out and calling the zone to ask questions and all! haha wow it was an experience(: on Tuesday we had our zone leader conference, we focused a lot on the atonement of Christ and the importance of it, which is what we did for our zone conference with our zone. Elder Gonzales and I both gave 10 minute talks about the atonement and then had the district leaders teach certain topics that will help out our zone. haha lots of conferences this week. Then on Wednesday we finally got time to work in our area, and got a lot of work done.  On Friday we had an activity with the young men, they were gonna have a mini mission where they sleep with the missionaries and work all day haha so Friday night was the mini MTC where they watched videos and the stake president talked to them, then they were all assigned to different missionaries, Elder Gonzalez and I had 5 young men with us! So at night we taught them all the things about the mission and went to sleep at 10:30...well Elder Gonzales and I did haha but the boys were up all night talking hahahaha, then in the morning we studied and then started to work.   2 went with Elder Gonzalez and 3 came with me, and wow! they were so exited and very emotional to work haha! They made soooo many contacts it was great! So we had a wonderful day with them! Which was also a blessing for us, because we didn't have a lot of time this week to work in our area, but with the 2 full days of working we were able to find a lot of success.(: Well things are doing great here in Tuxtla haha. we have a baptism next week and I'm very exited for it! U.... is such an amazing investigator! I hope that things are doing well back at home, I love you all so much(: Love Elder Portlock

We need to make this

My zone

Making presents for the ward members

The young men

We had a ward conference this week so we helped the ward make these presents
The young men with us

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