Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

This week was amazing, on Christmas Eve we ate with 3 families, wow! I have never ate so much food in my life haha! but things were good I had a good experience. On Christmas day I opened my presents my family sent me and that was really fun. Later in the day I called my family! WOW a lot of love! I love them so much, I wanted to talk for more time but we couldn't. We talked on face time. Things are good and I just want to wish everyone else a Merry Christmas. This Sunday, we woke up at 6 to prepare for church. We left the home really early so we could get our investigators to church, well with a lot of disappointment because we did all we could but they couldn't come, we left to church.  In the middle of sacrament meeting our investigator Dora showed up! she was very exited, and Elder De Jesus and I were very happy; we had a lesson with her after church and she is extremely happy with this church and wants to be baptized ! wow she is golden! so we are helping her with that right now. Sunday was a really great day!(: Take care friends and family i love you all(:

Talking to Hyrum on Face Time.

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