Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014
This week has been great! well to start of las hermanas tenían una Bautismo! pues I'm gonna count is as one of my baptisms too haha Elder Muñoz started to teach him and when the hermanas came we gave them half of our area, entonces we gave them have of our investigadores. El se Llama Gil... he is really great! as the district leader I interviewed him for baptism oh man! it was the coolest experience ever! My first interview haha it was really good and long! I don't know how long we were in there but we took along time! We were just talking too much and I was sharing a lot of scriptures and bearing my testimony a lot during it. The spirit was so strong in the interview and we also talked a lot about each question. I'm never gonna forget the experience. Oh! and yes I found him worthy to be baptized (: Hermano Sanches baptized him and I confirmed him a member, what a great experience. We had a open house for the church building because its new, its was for people to come and see how we do things, wow we only had 11 investigators that came, but wow! the ward really supported, it was like a expo haha we had two wards there with like all the members, so we had a lot of support and it turned out being really good. A family in the area of the hermanas came in because they saw something was going on and was interested and wow they got very interested!
Well for the questions my family asked. How many investigators do you have? Haha it depends, we have a lot of investigators but we only have four families and many other individuals that we are teaching, we had a 17 year old boy attend church this week! which means he is the only investigator that is technically progressing, but wow he is amazing he has been very scared about attending church became for the longest time he did not believe in God and is slowly growing in faith! He now is very interested in the priesthood and our church. We will be focusing on him. Other families I will write about later(: there are so many churches here its crazy! the biggest one is Catholics and second is Jehovah Witnesses , and than theres the Septimo Dia, and haha I don't even know!! But there are some really weird churches here that I have never seen or heard before.. Well the second question. are you dreaming in Spanish? well I don't know haha I don't really remember my dreams. I remember dreaming in Spanish in the MTC and it was really weird. But I'm starting to wake up and only think in Spanish so I think it counts (:. Earthquakes? I've felt some really small ones, but nothing major. I was sitting in a lesson and it only felt like a train was passing by without the sound. But not much here. how much do you weigh? to be honest I don't know.... there's no scales here haha I will find one soon, but I'm getting fat!!!! I know that much! I can grab my stomach!, Do you play soccer with the kids? not much, people play soccer in the streets EVERY day, and I sometimes kick it back to them..... hahahaha. are you going to by a Christmas tree? I don't know maybe haha only if Elder De Jesus wants to(: I think we will.(: Have you ridden nacho libre motorcycles? no, only combis wich are a like a public van and taxis. I know that down in the coast they only have the small little motos, so I will wait(:. Well thank you all for who you are, I love you all and miss you! wow its crazy to think that iv been gone for 5 months!!!!!!!! wow!
Con Amor Elder Portlock

Burning our sins.....

My first interview for baptism

Dia de Gracias (the real day haha)

Elder De Jesus and I in Aguilas


We baptized the cockroach.  Ha ha.

We're studying for inspiration while facing the baptism font

Baptizm de Gil

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the kids are playing a mix between soccer and basketball with the bishop's car in the middle.

Cool Painting

Whoo hoo the biggest Christmas Tree I've ever seen!


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