Monday, November 24, 2014

 Nov. 24, 2014

Wow! this week was great! well first to start off Thanksgiving was good, well they obviously don't have thanksgiving here but Elder De Jesus Bought tacos ( which the tacos here are small and Heavenly!) and some juice and we ate them on the top of the roof, was a night to remember, I made a sign that said Thanksgiving, ViVA Mexico which means Live Mexico. This Week as well  we have a investigator that is really good, He is very interested in our lesson and I'm exited to see the change in his life. Today I bought a Hammock but I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon its really cool!, I need to do a better job with making notes on what to write home because once again I don't know what to say. But its really hot here, I'm really missing the cold weather. Well I've really started to notice that I'm getting Fat, well my face is a bit thicker and oh my, My stomach welll......I have a baby, like literally..... haha I cant wait to start training for my next marathon when I get back haha. Well My Spanish is getting better, I'm still having a really hard time with it, but I've decided to just put all the English away and read everything is Spanish, its really helped me, its weird to think that I speak another language, it just seems so normal to me now! And its weird to think that not many people would understand me haha. its such a blessing in my life. Well thank you everyone for your letters and for who you are, you have all impacted my life so much and I think about you all. Well take care for now and keep being strong! con Amor
Elder Portlock

A weird banana

An interesting caterpillar

Backflips on the roof!

This one is my favorite!

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