Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Well this week I thought that we would have 5 investigators in the church. well there was only one, I was a bit sad because we have some really good people that we are teaching and they can't progress if they don't attend church, they have to attend 5 times... haha oh well ill just have to stay patient. Well also this week was great! Elder De Jesus enterd the other half of our area that we had not enterd before niether with Elder Muñoz becasue its a bit more dangerous, for this we enter only from 12 pm to 5 pm, at 5 we have to leave becasue it gets dark, but the area is awesome! I wish I could send pictures but I'm not aloud to bring a camera becasue if I do it will get stolen... well, wow its very poor, this area is the area that is on the side of the mountain with tons of hills and little shacks. haha well Elder De Jesus decided that we wanted to give a Book of Mormon to the very last house on the mountain, the very top house and share a lesson, haha well thats what we did! and we enterd the house and found a very nice family, unfortunalty they wont be new investigatores... well anyway they were very poor! the house was on a huge slant on the side of the mountain and the size of the house was a bit smaller that the shed in the back yard. The walls and ceiling was tin metal and sheets. The floor, well the floor was just earth. I had never seen such a poor family, but what they did have was the best view of Tuxtla haha it was great! I'm never gonna forget visisting the house and reaching the last house at the top of our area. Well I dont know what more to say haha, I do wish that my Spanish would get better, right now I feel like I'm forgetting Spansih. I think I'm just getting frustrated with it and I need to repent and have patience, but with this its such a great learning expeirience for me. Oh, and this morning we went to the canyon and saw more stuff! wow ! it was amazing.  I feel really bad, but I don't think I will be able to send pictures this week... my memory card is not showing up on this computer.  Well family and friends I love you all and I think the best for you. Hurrah for Isreal and never forget that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. 
Elder Portlock

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