Monday, November 10, 2014

 November 10, 2014

Well friends and family this week has been pretty good. Well first to start off the past Sunday this kid named Khaleb in the ward came up to me and said I'm getting baptized this Saturday, can you baptize me haha of course i said yes! and well it happened. It was an amazing experience. Different because I din't teach him because he is 8 and the ward prepared him. Well the morning of the baptism we went to go fill up the font. haha well I guess the pipes weren't working so well so we spent a good few hours filling the font up with buckets of water! it was pretty neat. There is a big well outside the church building where it holds all the water so we tied a sting to the bucket, threw the bucket in the hole, and pulled out water and filled the font up one bucket at a time. The font wasn't completly full haha but because Khaleb is pretty short because he only has 8 years old it was perfect. haha the water came up to my knees and he had to bend pretty far, but the baptism was a success. The other special part of the baptism is that the ward made a really nice looking baptismal pamphlet for Khaleb, when his mom arrived and saw the pamphlet, she broke down in tears because she couldn't believe we would do something so nice. She was very grateful for the help. Also I gave him one of the HLJ rings that my mom sent me! He was way happy, so for his baptism I talked about receiving the holy ghost and also about HLJ and talk about the significance of Haz lo Justo.  I was very happy I had that opportunity.
            Well on Wednesday during our district meeting the zone leaders gave me two packages yay! my Birthday package my mom sent me! haha it finally came. and the package had a few religious pictures, I guess they put that on so people wouldn't steal anything. orrrrr my mom put them on, which I don't think she did haha. Well, I got a  photo album and socks and candy and CTR rings and stickers for the kids. It was awesome! I also received my Christmas package haha well right now its in the closet waiting till Christmas. haha I had to hide it so Elder De Jesus wouldn't open it haha. well things are doing well here.
           This week a lot of our lessons have been really good! wow! the spirit has been teaching this week! I'm never gonna deny the spirit ever in my life because I KNOW that its real and its such an amazing feeling! well our investigators that we're really focusing on right now is M. D. J she is amazing and very happy we found her. She has been looking for help for a while and we're teaching to her needs right now. Some of the other investigators are doing well as well. we don't have anyone ready for baptism yet but I have faith. The work here is amazing and I'm so happy to be a part of it!
Haha well I always forget what to write so as I remember the things I'll get them on the blog in time haha, well Elder Jesus and I get along really well, we have a lot of good times and stories. Well Friends and Family I love you all stay good and stay true. 
Elder Portlock
Dia de Muerto!

My Birthday!



Whoo!  Number 19!

Family Santos!  I call her my mom out here.  Haha.  She gives so much!

La Reunion Distrito Y Reglos

Bautismo de Khaleb

Comida que sabor muy bier!


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