Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014
Dear family and Friends, Thank you all for the Birthday wishes this today. haha Im finaly 19 and I don't feel any different haha. Well This week was a bit different beacuse I got My new Companion Elder De Jesus. He is Great and we have a lot of fun together! My district has two hermanas named Hermana Canalisto and Hermana Grou, I hope things get better because the hermanas don't have a house in their area and they have to travel 15min. each day to get to their area. so were doing some major searching haha, This morning I was woke up by a HUGE bang on the door it scared me really bad. hahahaha As I opened the door, a little frightened, there wasn't anybody there. I looked down and there was doughnuts with a sticky note that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! haha It was Elder Jimenez and Elder Schitdlein. They jumped out of the bushes and took a picture(: I'm so happy I have good friends here haha(: they're taking me out for lunch today and later I'm eating cake with some members (: Today is a good day haha(:  Well Halloween was pretty normal. People dressed up and went trick or treating haha, but we kept working so it wasn't very special haha. oh! we did eat this kind of pumpkin pie but it was a bit different. They pretty much just cook the pumpkin and then eat the inside, It looks terrible but its actually very yummy (:  but it was pretty much normal. I'm Glad to see that you all had a good Halloween haha, oh and mom I didn't get the package yet haha but that's totally fine, its probably in the mission home, Ill get it soon(: no worries(:
Con Amor 
Elder Portlock

Woo!  Birthday!

Templo con Elder  Munoz

A cool bird that sings hymns!

Whoo hoo New capilla!

Look, I'm Obispo!

Some of the best food I've ever ate!

Soccer in the morning with the District

AWWWW mexico(:‏



Woo Hoo!  New Companion!

Father, Son, Grandson

Whoo Hoo!

Elder De Jesus and Hermana De Dios

halloween and some wierd yet yummy kind of pumkin pie!

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