Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014
2nd Week in Diciembre
Wow this week has been full of memories and changes(: To start of the week, last Monday we bought a small Christmas tree haha its the best little thing ever and we have the presents that my mom sent me under the tree so it turned out perfect haha.  (: Wow this week we went to the temple of Friday, wow every time I go to the temple I learn so much, I'm also getting better at understanding the Spanish, I can understand everything that's going on(:  Wow this week we had a Elder named Elder Ibarra come on live with us for 3 days, wow He is incredible he brings the spirit with him and is an EXACTLY obedient missionary, He is the Assistant to the president right now and is a traveling assistant. right now he is visiting a lot of missionaries and training them(: He really changed the way I think about things here, I have so much excitement about the work here its the best thing ever, Also there's a story that is amazing and that I wont ever forget. Well my leader of the mission served as president in panama mission and well he is in  my ward right now. Elder Ibarra is from Panama and when he came to help us I asked him if he new brother Madrigal, and his face lit up and said ¨ wow! you know president Madrigal, wow I want to meet him¨haha well the next morning we had our reunion with our leader of our ward. During it he asked Elder Ibarra where he is from, after a few funny jokes of where he was he said he is from Panama and that he is really exited to meet him. Brother Madrigal was super exited and asked more about him. Elder Ibarra told him that a missionary that served the time Madrigal was president baptized him. WOW  after he said that he asked who his name was. ¨the missionary that baptized me is Elder Ulloa¨( I cant remember exactly his name but I think its this) ....... brother madrigal was silent and began to cry...he said ¨¨ I was a little sad when he ended his mission, he was a great missionary and helped me a lot in the office, when He ended his mission he only had One baptism¨ after he said that the room was silent only with the sound of happy tears. ´´I am that baptism, Ibarra said. and many more have come since¨ well I just think that that was one of the best stories ever and I'm so glad I got to hear it, Elder Ibarra is great(: he taught me so much. I have such a strong testimony right now and I'm growing it more day by day, wow what a great week, Oh! and with this Christmas we have been sharing the new video of Christmas that the church came out with, wow! its amazing; i don't know what its called in English but he its called . él es la Dádiva. with means He is the Gift. Davida is a special gift. its been such a great blessing here in the mission. We have a family that accepted this Dádiva and is going to be baptized on the 20th of Diciembre! the dad is a less active member and the family is not baptized! wow this week they are getting married so they can be baptized on the 20th and He preparing himself right now to baptize them, it has been the most special week and most special time for the family right now(: I have been filled with so much happiness. wow! the spirit is so real! wow! accept the Dádiva in every aspect of you life! I unfortunately don't have anymore time, I need to go to work, thank you everyone I love you all(:
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