Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Well this week we have decided to go and leave all of our investigators that are not progressing and to try to receive some references. The funny thing about the members is that they love to just give less active members as references and not just their friends and family that are not members... So we have ended up visiting a lot of less active members and we got to get 3 inactive families to show up to church!! The members got super happy to see them because they are less active members that haven’t been showing up for a long time. So I feel at the end of it all we have had some pretty good progress with this week. Well we are just keeping everything going well. This next week we will be looking forward to a meeting with President George and his assistants again. Well this is everything for this week and I hope you all are doing well!! I love you all so much! see ya soon(:
Elder Portlock

So this is the rock I bought here, it's pretty cool, the tree of life.

This is a picture of what the public transportation looks like.  ahahahaha.

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