Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

This week We traveled to Tuxtla for the zone leader conference (: I was able to see a lot of my friends. We learned great stuff! Our focus this month in the mission is working with the family history director in the ward and having a great relation with him or her, so we can work together and help the converts progress in there new life. I always remember when I was in Comalapa and with the family Hernandez, I love them so much! Their story of their daughter dying a week before her baptism and the family getting her work down in a few months was incredible. They had permission from the prophet to go ahead and not wait a year. I’ll be able to explain the story more when I get home (:  
Oh! And also in the Consejo de Lideres that we had, President George has decided to change a little bit of how we work. We used to have to have 140 contacts a week or 20 every day, a contact is when you talk to someone in the street and try to get there address to visit them. Anyway now we only have to have 35 a week BUT we can only count a contact if we have an address or telephone number... Makes it a bit different. We now have to visit all of our contacts immediately so I’m sure we will be finding a lot more investigators. Anyways this week we will be having a multi-zone conference with President George and the assistants to learn even more so I am super excited for that. Hope all goes well. Well I hope everyone is doing well back at home I love you all so much!! Till next week!!!

Elder Portlock

Traveling down to Tuxtla

WOW!  I never thought this day would picture is the last one, I'm officially the oldest missionary in my mission  :)  haha

My old companion, Elder Fackrell, is assistant!

We did a session at night.  I love the temple so much!  I remember the first time I went through, I was so scared and didn't understand anything!  haha.  Now all the workers know me by name and I understand everything.  :)  This is my second home.  :)

In front of the garbage place.  And it's full of giant birds!

My zone

His name is Angel.  He is a recently baptized member.  He is the nicest and funniest old man I have ever met. hahahahaha  He is super humble and doesn't have any money.  When he laughs it m makes us laugh every time because he only has 5 teeth!!!  hahaha.  In the picture he didn't want to show it.  But Elder Stewart and I decided to go out and buy him a hymn book and the triple so he has nice books.  He almost cried when we gave them to him.  :)

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