Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 12, 2015

Wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BROTHER!!!! WELL MY LITTLE BROTHER, BUT HES GETTING BIGGER!!!!!! I love him with all my heart! I also want to congratulate him on accomplishing his eagle scout! He is 15 years old and getting ready to start diving the car! Keep it up ORSON!
      And for this week! On Monday we traveled to Tuxtla for about 3 hours by bus to get really for our zone leader conference on Tuesday morning! We slept the night in the offices with all the other zone leaders in the mission! It was pretty crazy hahaha! And the conference was amazing, I learned a ton of new leadership attributes and a ton about the way Jesus taught! After that we all attended a session in the Temple(: it was amazing and super powerful. We had to stay the night so we don’t have to travel at night. We all ate dominos in the offices (: on Wednesday morning we started to travel back to Tonala and I got to sleep (::......hahahahaha and we were super happy to start working again! On Thursday we had interviews with President George, which are always fun. hahah He only asks me if I’m doing good and how I feel, and then he starts talking about the mission. hahaha Its great I love my president! He’s such an amazing Christ like individual! On Friday, work, Saturday, work and on Sunday we had 7 investigators show up to church! Wow!  We have 2 families we found this week and they are amazing! They attended this Sunday and are super exited!
In gospel principles we watched the restoration and they loved it! They all have a baptism date for November 7th. I hope that God will bless them and change their lives(: also this week I ate turtle eggs....it was actually really yummy!                   Take care for now(: cuidense mucho(: con Amor Elder Portlock

This was our zone conference

Learning how to kill and cook chicken

I ate turtle eggs!

A double banana!

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