Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

Dear family and friends! Wow this week was amazing! I would like to start out with the baptisms, well we had 4. Mariana called us in the morning and said that she doesn’t want to be baptized... we instantly took a taxi to her house to talk to her but she still didn’t want to...we were a little sad but I just think that she needs a little bit more time and she will want to be baptized. Delina, her litter sister, was super exited to be baptized! haha  She acts like she already is a member and is super reverent in church haha! Sandra, Victor Hugo, and Alexandra got baptized and confirmed and they are really exited! They are a family that are going to have many blessings in their life! Sandra, the mom, took the pictures from the lessons 1, 2 and 3 and printed them out big to put in her house. Victor Hugo should be finishing college in a year or two and then wants to serve a mission. And Alexandra will be enjoying young women’s. OH! and Karla! We went to the temple with her on Saturday to do baptisms! She LOVED the temple and is super exited to be a member. haha She put her name on the food list so she can give food to us every Tuesday! Wow! With this 6 weeks we had 5 baptisms in total! And we finished our change. Well, the Zone leaders called us to tell us the new changes in the mission! Wow! I can’t believe it haha! Elder Contreras will be going to Tuxtla! And Elder Fackrell (who is my zone leader) will be changing areas and will be with me! We will be the new Zone leaders!!!! I’m super exited and pumped! In the beginning of the mission I never wanted and never thought I’d be with an American! But now I’m exited because we both speak Spanish so it’s all good! I’ll be writing more information the next week about the zone! Here in Tonala it’s still really hot!!! But it’s also really amazing!  I love the members! We will be preparing for this General Conference! Wow and I’m super exited to see who will be the new 3 apostles! Wow! I will sustain them 100 percent! Thank you all for your love and support! Say hello for me in the ward and all my friends(: Elder Portlock

The baptism

We went to the temple with Karla

My district and the district leaders

Ya, we had to clean that.  

Riding the turtle

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