Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 3, 2015

 It's very Hot here in Tonalá hahahahaha! But I think I will miss the heat when I return home! This week I have finished reading the Book Of Mormon in Spanish and I'm so happy! Before the mission, people told me that if I read the Book of Mormon completely I will be able to speak fluently! It was a promise! And I also think of John Groberg in the other side of heaven when he reads the bible in 3 days and speaks fluently!!!! the books have a power of the gift of tongues!!! well I speak Spanish fluent and I'm super happy! Its a blessing of God! It took me one year  of reading it!!!!!!
   This week we had a branch activity called the 3 kingdoms of glory! in which all the people start in a plane because were all going to Hawaii haha, and the plane crashes and we all die, we had the rooms and each room represents a glory, the people start in the first kingdom and on to the next to learn about each one, and we all end in the celestial kingdom! it was a great activity because we start to think if i die tomorrow which kingdom will I go to. It was really fun(:
    I hope every one at home is doing well I love you all(: Elder Portlock

Looking over Tonala


The Branch Activity

Eating Mexican candy.  Yum.  All the candy here has salsa!!!

Helping people move their house

Members in the Branch

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