Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Well this week was a great week(: We had the opportunity to go to the beach(: the area is called Puerto Rista y fur la actividad de la mision(: wow the ocean is beautiful and I love it so much! We found jellyfishes haha!  I have so much to say about the beach but so little time to write. We have a family of 4 that we are teaching and its amazing to see their life changing(: the next week I will be sending pictures.  The changes this week is that Elder Laínez leaves and will be going to the Indian area called the Altos.  He will be learning the dialect Tzotzil . haha  I'm really exited for him!  Elder Contreras and I will stay together! I'm really exited for the next 6 weeks and ready for new changes.  I love my area(:  Things are great(:  I'll be sending more pictures(:   I love you all, keep being strong! Be the examples of the believers in word, in conversation. when ever you have a decision to make say. ´´am I Mormon or not Mormon´´ Love Elder Portlock

wooooo fuimos a la playa!

la playa!

Woo la playa!

Woo  Jellyfish!

It was...very fishy!!!


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