Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

Dear Family and Friends.
     I'm very grateful That I have the opportunity to stay in contact every week!  Here being in Chiapas its always cool to think about being in the land of the Book of Mormon! We always talk about it here haha. I also have a cool map that I will bring home to share and a cool video. I always walk here in the street and think:  Wow!  I'm in the area of the missionaries of the Book of Mormon!!!! I'm in the mission of the Book of Mormon! hahaha and I think to myself....I'm preaching to the Lamanites.  And If you saw some of the people you would think the same thing. Wow I love being here. Well this week in the morning of Wednesday we woke up at 4:15 to a 5.7 earthquake!!! Wow I was so scared!!! I woke up to loud noise and my hammock was being shook! I remember that instantly Elder Laínez and Contreras and I jumped onto our feet and started to run! hahaha Elder Laínez threw the fan out of his way and it hit me in the face and than hit the floor with a loud noise! I thought the house was falling down and pieces of the roof was falling on me! hahahahha.  We left the house within 10 seconds , wow! it was a miracle!!! hahahahaha. It wasn't that BIG, but we made it dramatic..... I returned with a little scar on my eye(: Such great memories!(:
   During the past month there is a Jew that comes to church only to listen and make fun of the members, we have been visiting him  a little bit only to listen to him, because he doesn't want us to talk.  This past week he called us up and said that he needs to talk to us.  He told us about a dream he had where his Star of David was cut in half  and he was left with a lot of confusion (there is more to the dream, but that was the summary) and he also has been feeling very stressed lately! So he asked if we could give him a blessing! wow! He listened to us teach a little bit. We gave him a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately he will be returning to live in Spain, so we wont be teaching him more. But wow! We had some progress teaching him(:
    Well family I love you all so much(: have a great week and we'll be writing again next Monday(: Love Elder Portlock

What happened during the earthquake

A ranch called Vieja Uithcachal (haha I don't know how to spell it)

Sometimes there's nobody in the streets, so I contact the dogs.  (:

We were eating fish and after I ate the fish and left the bone, it turned out to look like Jesus being crucified!  Yes, I know.... I'm turning Catholic.  hahahahaha

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