Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

Well this week in the mission was great! Well it was pretty normal haha wake up, walk, work, invite people to baptize, walk teach, walk, preach, sleep at night, wake up, walk, invite to baptism, teach, walk haha. the mission is awesome. well this week we were having our ward council, I love this ward council because they actually do missionary work, yesterday at 6 we all left to teach the less active, so we went on splits with them. it was amazing to see how happy the members were to do missionary work. It was also great for the 3 of us missionaries cause we got some more work done in our area,. Then later in the night we got a call from another less active member and asked if we could come over to give a blessing. well because we were with all the ward council, we all showed up. well they have there grandma who is really old and sick and is about to die. the 1st counselor of the bishopric gave the blessing, I really liked in the blessing he was saying that if she doesn't get better we understand and know that she has a plan, I thought that was really good for the members of the family to hear that. they all sung a few hymns and the spirit was very strong. I love the memories that I am making here in the mission. I'm gonna miss them, but its a good thing that I still have a year and a half left haha(: Our zone is doing good. Though I have also been able to see the difficulty of the other missionaries. its a bit hard at times when the other missionaries are breaking the rules and also when there numbers are really low. but were all getting better. it was great to hear about the family and see some pictures. I love you all so much! 

We're praying for our food.  Later in the night we all had pain in the stomach....

The street called Missionaries

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