Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Dear family and friends, This week has been a great week, yesterday I burned a tie to mark 6 months, I know I've been out for 7 months, but to mark the 6 months in the field. haha. It was pretty fun! This week I'm leader of the zone with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Lemus, they are great companions and we all get along very well! I don't know if I'll be going to Chahuites or not, they told my that I might stay with them, but who knows. haha. We'll have to see next week. I have been learning so much this week! Being leader of the zone really keeps you busy but it's all good. I felt like a new missionary because I'm in my second area and its the first time I've moved. But I've been able to pick up on things very fast. The language is getting better every week. No, its definitely not perfect and I still have a hard time explaining things in Spanish, but I can pretty much understand it and talk to people. It's amazing and such a wonderful blessing! I love speaking it so much! The only thing that's annoying is that I'm forgetting English! hahaha My companions ask me what words are in English and I just don't remember!!!! It's really  fun! (: Well on Tuesday we spent literally half the day at the bus station to make sure that all the missionaries got on their buses on time and were able to get to their areas, it was a bit sad to say goodbye to Elder De Jesus but I will still write him, haha. My companion from the MTC, Elder Rowland is going to open an area and be companions with another gringo that has only 3 months in the mission wow! Good luck to him haha (; I love him alot!  On Wednesday we had our first zone meeting, I was really nervous and didn't say much but it's all good, I'm still learning.  My ward that I'm in is soo small! There were only 70 people that attended! And pretty much all the members have a calling! haha but they are all united really well! Also it's really weird but they don't have a bishop? Only counselors and the secretary. haha I guess every ward has there personal problems. Our ward missionary leader doesn't know how to read or write and its been a bit of a challenge but when you tell him what to do he does it. He is very loving and kind. haha Well I always forget to write things.  I know there's more to write but this is all I have for now. I'll try to do better with writing things down throughout the week. I love you all(:
Elder Portlock
Good Bye Elder De Jesus

Good Bye Elder Howell and say Hello to your family for me (:

Waiting at the bus station all day

Elder Gonzales and Elder Lemus.  Elder Gonzales is from San Salvador, he is such a great missionary and really knows how to bring the spirit!!  He will be going home in 3 months.  Elder Lemus is also incredible.  He has 7 more months left.  He is the same height as me and is such a great example.  He is from the state of Mexico and is also called the jefe.  They are amazing zone leaders and we work a lot.  (:

Running in the morning with our awesome Chiapas jerseys!

The pictures of the missionaries.

Weird tree but very usefull.  Haha

A picture from my balcony.  I forgot to take pictures of my apartment, I will take pictures though.  But I have SUCH a great house!  It has a water furnace that we have to prepare every morning so we can take warm showers.  Haha.  It's great.

Elder Gonzales

Fotos de mi nueva area.  My area is called Paraiso.  It's not too far from Aguilas.  I can actually see my last area from here, we are like 10 - 15 minutes apart.

Haha!  The big buff man!

The talking bird, haha (:  In this house, you can't see the man but we were teaching a menos activo and he was telling us a story, or course I didn't understand anything, and Elder Lemus turns over to me and tells me in English, "Do you understand him?  Cause I don't."  haha.  He told me that this Spanish is the worst Spanish that he has ever heard!!!!! haha.  It was funny that my comp asked ME if I understood him.  Haha but the bird is cool (:

I thought Emily would like this.  (:

Walking on a bridge

Haha, need water???

Burning my tie, for the 6 months in the FIELD


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