Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well Family and friends this week was amazing.  Unfortunately I was in the house Monday and Tuesday finishing up my sickness.  Its so boring to be in the house! I'm glad I had the experience though. On Wednesday we started to work, and boy this week was great! Each day we had a lot of success. We are teaching this one girl that we found in a contact. All of the family is Adventists and so we had a bit of nervousness of teaching. but they were really nice and let us start teaching. None of them wanted to hear more except this girl. She really believes about Joseph smith and wants to make a change in her life, She didn't want to pray for two lessons because she was really nervous, but she finally prayed and she started to cry, she has attended church this week and she is already in the young women programs. Another family we started teaching are of the religion of Christians. They were very respective, after teaching lesson one we watched the video the restoration. during it they all cried, and bore there testimonies about prayer and faith. I think with some more time and fellow shipping they will attend church and progress. Wow its so great to be a missionary. We give many blessings a week to people who have faith to be healed. There are so many more experiences that I have but I just don't have time to wright all of them. But I will get around to most of them haha. This week I have really learned a lot! As I have been praying for help on how I could be a better man, person and a better missionary , I received revelation on what I have already learned and been taught! Being clean and organized! I really took this to thought and practice this week. And I learned that when you are always cleaning and making an effort to always be organized you always feel good and motivated because you are always changing something. I made a new motto haha, ¨Live as you clean, Clean as you live¨ wow its so simple, but its the only way to live, and you have the spirit with you more often. D&C 88:119. Well I've just been learning so much this week. I've been in the same area for 6 months now! Wow! It's crazy to think that I only have 1 year and a half left of my mission... haha, Transfers are in one week so well see how things turn out(: I really want to go to Tapachula but we'll see. The weather here has been perfect this month! Its not hot at all and not to cold at all, its just... perfect haha! but only here, closer to the coast is a oven they say! I really love this area and I just love the people here, I'm really gonna miss all of them. I have been thinking so much about the scout law this week. It's truly powerful, Dad. Teach it as much as you can!  Family, I love you all and I have so much to  say haha! Take care and have a great time. I love you all(:

Love, Elder Portlock



Col. Epseranza

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