Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb. 23, 2015

Well this week was awesome. On Tuesday we had our activity, all of the missionaries in Tuxtla got together for the day, we started the activity at the zoo. haha that was the 2nd time I got to go to the zoo, it was really fun to be able to see everything again. And very fun to see all the missionaries. After the zoo we went to a big park called CaƱa Hueca. We all played soccer and ate bolis (ice cream) and ya. After that we all went to to church building next to the temple and watched the movie called Meet the Mormons. Wow! That movie was really good, and I want to watch it again haha. 
    This week we had 5 interviews for baptism in 2 other areas. On Friday we traveled about 1 hour in bus outside of Tuxtla to a zone called Cintalapa where we interviewed a family of 3 for baptism. Wow! I LOVE interviewing people for baptism. They share their testimony and it just touches my heart. They talk how it has really changed their life! Wow! Also on Thursday we interviewed a couple for baptism here in Tuxtla. To be honest, we didn't get  a lot of time to work in our area because we are working a lot with our zone and helping them. We had 2 investigators that showed up at church.  We were very amazed because he is really exited to learn and to go to church.  He got up early and went to a member's house that is close to his house and asked them if he could go to church with them. I really feel blessed even though we don't have a lot of time to work in our area, God is blessing us with an amazing investigator. 
     I'm so happy to see that my family is doing good(: I love you all take care and peace out. Elder Portlock

Playing pool at the institute

At the zoo

such a great photo



Elder Ibarra

Ant eater

Big cat!  Jaguar!

The zoo

With my son!  And my grandson!

Eating bolis

About to watch "Meet the Mormons"

Our district

This is Hermana Hansen.  We talked to each other because she told me that her parents have been reading my blog.  I told her that my parents are probably looking at your blog.  So this is our picture so that our parents can see us on the same blog.  Hahaha!

I love to see the temple.

We're painting.

We were on splits for a day.

We were at Mc. Jordan's  Haha!

I'm working hard.....

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