Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

This week we have been super busy day by day, helping the zone out with all the little needs.  We had a few baptisms in the zone and several of baptismal interviews (:  Also we have a 13 year old boy named Kenen, who’s gonna get baptized the next week (: we are super exited for that (: hahahaha.  This week Elder Stewart had an in-grown toenail, so he went to the foot doctor to get it taken out, and they gave him a pedicure hahahaha.  (:  It was super funny!  Elder Laurel is finishing his last 2 weeks of the mission, so he’s getting a bit anxious haha WOW!  Also we had a reference from a member this week and we went to visit them.  We showed up at the door and a lady said, Elders, perfect timing, please pass in the house. So we started to talk with her and she said that her and her two kids are refugees from El Salvador and they have been fleeing from the country for lots of safety reasons, I guess there’s a war going on. So she said that she’s a member and she really needed us at this time, so the Relief Society is gonna help out a little bit with the food for this week. Wow! The things that go on here, it’s truly a miracle that we have the church all over the world (: I hope you all do great this week (: Elder Portlock

This is my backyard, MANGO TREES!!!

We are throwing rocks up at the mangoes so they will fall down, hahaha these kids are teaching us how to do it.  :)

Our study room

I'm making a voice message for my family.

Our bedroom

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