Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Dear Mom and family! This week has been pretty busy! I’ve been focusing a lot on the work here and having a lot of fun (:  This week we baptized a little girl named Valeria, she is 8 years old. Her mom had an accident years ago and can’t walk.  So we helped her and brought her to the baptism in a wheel chair (: it was such a great experience (: We also have a few more investigators that are progressing so that’s good (: I have also been doing divisions with a lot of missionaries here so I hardly have time to be in my area, but we’re doing it little by little (: I can’t believe that I have 2 months left! The mission goes by so fast! This week I haven’t even been thinking about it until I started writing (: hahaha I love the church and I know its true (: Well family, what can I do to end good?  (: What are some things that you would like to see in me when I get back? Stay true.  (: Love Elder Portlock

On Tuesday all the district leaders came over to our house because on Wednesday at 3 in the morning we traveled to Arriaga, about 5 hours to go to the super conference of mission leaders, it was super great and fun!  We learned lots of things about working with the ward council and the importance of it.

This was a cool activity that represents the ward council.  hahaha :)

This was our zone conference this week

Going to the baptism

The baptism

Having fun with the district leaders

A huge spider crept up on  me when I was washing dishes.  :)

This is my ward's church.  The wards are called estacion, or in English, "station".

This is called a burgeroni!  A hamburger inside of a pizza  :D

My last 2 companions

Haha this is a weird fruit!!

We're at Puerto Madero.  We had to come to Puerto Madero to clean a house of the elders that lived here before.  Their house is 2 streets from the ocean!  Wow!  There were shells everywhere!  And Taxi bikes.  :)

The house of prayer in Huixtla

When I was in Tuxtla, area Paraiso, we helped this little girl out with her baptism.  Well, after a year I saw them again.  ;)  It was really special!!

Elder Laurel and I switched scripture cases  :)

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