Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Dear Family  (: wow this week was super amazing!!! And interesting and tiring  (: well on Monday night we traveled to Comitan to spend the night.  And in the morning at 7 I left to Tuxtla to wait another 3 hours for another bus.  So we ate food, then we finally got to Tapachula about 7:30 at night!!!! Wow! In total like 14 hours of bus ride!!! It was fun  (:  My companions are Elder Laurel and Elder Stewart. We will be in a threesome again so that’s fun(: Then the assistants called us and said that I will be going to Puerto Madero to work for a week with another Elder and help him hahaha so on Wednesday I got there, it’s about 1 hour from Tapachula and they live 2 streets from the ocean! Wow so I got some good pictures(: so then we went to the computer lab to print pictures of the area so we can start working and the assistants called us again and said that there gonna close the area and that the elder will be going to Arriaga and that I’ll be returning to my area in Tapachula  (: hahahaha Wow! OK so we packed up his things and traveled to Tapachula and got there in the night. (: The next day I finally got to work in my area and get to know some people (: on Friday we had an activity with the youth, we started at 8 in the morning, and well we ended at 9 at night! I had never been so tired in my life! We literally walked all day and worked all day  (: It was amazing and I loved it. On Saturday we worked hard.  (: I love my companions, they are amazing(: On Sunday I got to know more of my new ward. It’s called the estacion ( or station ward).   I’m really happy to be here.  Thanks for everything. I love you all.  (: Elder Portlock

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