Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Wow! Happy Presidents day hahha, thanks mom for reminding me that.(: and Happy Birthday to my beautiful 13 year old sister, Emily! Felicidades(: Well Also congratulations Hermana Hansen. My family told me that they saw your homecoming! That’s great! Le invito a mi homecoming tambien haha.  Wow! I can’t wait to see the new Provo temple in person; I saw a video describing the features haha! But wow! And for the care package...ummmm I don’t know what more I need, haha just surprise me(: I’ll also be sending home one more package, what can  I send you guys from Mexico?
 Well For this week it was awesome! We had to travel A TON but we also did a lot of stuff. On Tuesday we received a reference from a 20 year old boy who lives right now in New York. He called us and said that he just recently got baptized and wants his family to be able to receive the gospel, so he gave us their information. We went that very morning and traveled about 1 hour from here to a very small town called Pacaylito. I love visiting new areas especially where there are no members and I feel like we are the only ones with true authority. haha Well we visited the family and they accepted to come to church and they did! And they really liked it! Tomorrow we will be visiting them again(: On Saturday Elder Oaks and Elder Clayton came to visit! Wow it was incredible and I learned a lot! I also recorded the entire 2 hour session! I’ll share it when I get back, but they talked about preparing ourselves spiritually, talked about being guided by the Holy Ghost, and also about authority. Elder Oaks knew that the Pope was also in Chiapas and he said that Elder Benjamin De Oyos (of the seventy of Mexico) was invited to meet with the Pope that same morning. And Elder Oaks was saying... “Elders and Sisters, we know who has authority in that room'” hahaha Elder Oaks is amazing! This is the 2nd time that he has come to the mission; he is one of my favorites! This same meeting I was able to see all my good friends and companions! I saw Elder Fackrell, Elder Gamboa, Elder Contreras, Elder Feliz, and Elder De Jesus. Wow! I love the mission so much! Also this week I traveled to Comitan to interview someone named Aldis for baptism, it was great and I loved the interview. I also felt like I was teaching a lot of things. Then I received a phone call on Saturday and the sisters from Comitan said that Aldis wants me to baptize her. haha So I traveled again to Comitan on Sunday to baptize her. (: for the investigators, wow Yeni has progressed a ton.  We officially ended with the missionary lessons and she wants to get baptized so bad, but she still needs to get married or get separated. Something will happen soon, I just know it. And her sister Itzel said that she wants to get baptized, so we have her baptism planned in 2 weeks(: we have two jovenes, Mendrik and Mayer. They are also really great! They attended for the 2nd time and they will be getting baptized in 3 weeks(: OHHH and the biggest thing that happened in my week was a little kid named Jonny from Comitan called me the other day (I know him from intercambios) and he asked me if I could sell him my bag. haha I said of course but I need to buy a new bag first. haha So I bought a new bag that’s really cool, and I gave Jonny my bag for free. I told him haha , ´´There’s a scripture that says ask and ye shall receive!´´ haha I also made him promise to serve a mission! haha He’s awesome and he was super happy that I gave him my bag, and I also feel happy that I served him and made his day.(: well that’s pretty much my week(: this next week I’m super pumped to work hard and receive some blessings from God(: I love you all stay happy(: Elder Portlock

My Zone!

WOOO!  Elder Oaks and Elder Clayton

Happy Birthday, Emily.  We lit off a Chinese candle for you!

The Baptism of Aldis

I gave Jonny my missionary bag  (:


Before he went on his mission, he was a great friend of mine!  I knew him from the beginning of my mission and now he is in Honduras!  Wow!  I'm super happy to see his picture!  ANNNNNNND  THAT'S THE TIE I GAVE HIM  (:

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